Are you in the loop?

We have a host of ways to help keep our members up to date with the happenings of the club.

Probably the best way is to "like" our Facebook pages (links below) and allow notifications.


As we update information on these pages we will link the details back to this webpage for all the "ins and outs".

Occasionally we will email out an update but we will still link the details back to this webpage.

Think of it this way :

The Facebook pages are the notices and reminders of events or important dates coming up and this webpage contains all of the details.

Facebook Page Links

Important Dates & Links

Aug 23rd - Dan Grading Selections & Team Tournament

Selections by invite only


Team Tournament open to all Taekwondo and Yong Muki members


Sept 5th - Grading Cut Off

All stripes to be collected prior to cut off for those intending to grade. Register on-line


Sept 7th & 8th - Record Breakers

As part of your normal training session warm up


Sept 12th & 13th - Gradings

Yong Muki Saturday, Team Taekwondo Sunday.


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