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Record Breakers

How does it work?

Members have 30 seconds to complete as many repetitions of the listed exercises as possible, in strict form.

The first time is to establish a base score.

In the following sessions the student is trying to better their score.

The winners are the students who beat their score by the highest percentage.


Johnny does 10 push ups in his first round and in the next round (3 months time) he completes 12 good push ups. That's an increase of 20%.

Mary does 20 push ups in her first round and 22 in the next. Her increase is 10%.

Johnny wins.

Scoring in this way places emphasis on personal development rather than comparing with someone else. The well coordinated and fitter kids (and adults) usually get all the accolades in their sporting endeavors.  This is a way to reward personal effort and improvement and level the playing field for recognition across all abilities and talents.

*to ensure fair play and remove what could be accidental incorrect counting (kids count for other kids in partnerships), anyone who beats their previous score by 100% or more will be ineligible to be announced the winner and their score will show no increase in percentage with their latest score recorded as their base line.

As has happened on occasions in the past, as an example, a student may do 2 push ups in 30 seconds, either by holding back on their first attempt or incorrect counting by their team mate. The next session they do 20. That's 1,000% increase. 

Each term, just before grading, we run Record Breakers for the entire club. Its run on the first Monday and Tuesday following the grading application cut off.

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Squat Kicks


Double Skips

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