On-Line weekly training videos and live streams

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LMA - these will be weekly filmed interactive videos designed to have your child doing it along with the trainer.

Rolling the dice, doing the exercises, doing modified drills and doing whatever is the focus for that week. We would encourage students to wear their uniforms while they exercise along. Routine and structure in lock down will become very important.


TKD - weekly videos all with different warm ups, modified drills, modified kicking and of course the technical aspects for stripes according to our calendar plus stretching.


Technical Schedule:

Poomsae 1st half

Self defence 1st half and kicking.

One Step Sparring, board breaking, punching mitt routine.


After 3 weeks we revise all the 1st halves and learn the 2nd halves of Poomsae, One Step and Self Defence.


In the 3rd rotation we review everything.


As well as the weekly videos that we’ll put out at the beginning of the week, we’ll also be doing live streaming from the Dojang later in the week with real time warm ups, kicking drills, special tips and I’ll take live questions about training and demonstrate/explain on the spot.


Yong Muki - weekly videos demonstrating weapons, tips, good form and also happy for you to jump in on the live stream and ask questions.


Hit Fit and Spartan - Erin will be putting together a series of 3 workout routines a week and will demonstrate the exercises on video.


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Minimum $20per member TKD please

Minimum $10 per member LMA please

Please help to keep us afloat

Taking new members now for our on-line training courses.

Will help keep the kids keep occupied and add that extra activity to their routine. 

Little Martial Arts for 2-6yo is just $10 a week.

The weekly sessions are interactive and a lot of fun.

All sessions will stay uploaded so your child can do them when it suits and repeat them as much as they like.


Our Taekwondo program for 6yo+, teens and adults is just $20pw.

Includes all the technical aspects of Teakwondo necessary for advancement.

Weekly video tutorials specifically designed for each level plus live streaming sessions each week. Also included in that package is our weapons program plus general exercise programs designed by our own personal trainer. 

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