Martial Arts    

Training fees 

Little Martial Arts (Ages 2 - 6)

$16 a week (billed at $32 per fortnight)

Includes all insurances and financial fees.

Starter Pack $65

Includes uniform, belt, drink bottle, certificate, carry bag.

This is a "once a week" program.


Training fees 

Team Taekwondo

7yo+, Teens, Adults

Unlimited Access $32pw

    Beginner Special    

      only $23pw    

 Until your first grading   *gradings are 3 months apart  

Includes all insurances

Starter Pack $65

Includes uniform, belt, drink bottle, grading book, carry bag.

Training Fees

Yong Muki

$16 a week (billed at $32 per fortnight) 

*Free for any current Taekwondo member

    Fitness Package    

$24.95pw Unlimited Sessions

$16pw if you are also enrolled in Martial Arts


Spartan Fit

Circuit Fit

Stand Alone Programs (not Martial Arts)

Erin's P.T.

Training Fees

$35 per 30 minute session

Pay as you go

Spartan Kids

Training Fees

$16 a week (billed at $32 per fortnight) 

Once a week program but can do make up sessions if needed. Please see terms and conditions on this webpage.

Family Specials for all Martial Arts Programs

3rd member is half price, 4th+ members are free

Cancellations / Suspensions for all programs

There is no minimum term of contract. You can cancel or suspend at any time by giving at least one weeks notice in writing (see contact form below). Suspensions are from one to three months at a time. You will need a re-start date for a suspension and the payments will automatically re-start from that date, unless we hear from you otherwise. *We cannot issue refunds for late notices of suspensions or cancellations.

Training fees over the Christmas Holidays - about 10-12 days (all programs)

Your fortnightly fee already takes into account any holidays. We operate for 50 weeks of the year and that's all you're being charged for. That yearly fee is divided up into 26 equal payments to make it easy. We are open all year round except for around 10-12 days at Christmas and selected public holidays.

Make up classes (Little Martial Arts and Spartan Kids only)

Make up classes are available for the Little Martial Arts program. Please go to 

On-line sign up waiver:

I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Aspley Martial Arts and Fitness Centre inclusive of all programs run within. I agree that i shall accept the risk of any injury, damage or loss which may be incurred during training sessions or participation in activities inside or away from the premises that are associated with the Aspley Martial Arts and Fitness Centre and associated training programs.  I shall make no claim against Aspley Martial Arts and Fitness Centre including associated programs, it's instructors, trainers, servants or agents in respect of injury, damage or loss which may be incurred. I give permission for staff to take photos or videos of training sessions and use them for promotional purposes including social media and website publication, except in the express direction not to allow this by giving written notice.

Membership Changes

Cancellations / Suspensions

Transferring from LMA to TKD.



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