Grading Camp 

When: Monday 27th June - July 2nd 2022


Times: 11.30am - 3.30pm Mon to Fri. Grading Sat 3.00pm  


What to bring:  

Snacks for 10 minute breaks, drink bottle.


What to wear:   Dobok pants, belt, any top (Grading full uniform)


What you get:

Intense training for all grading stripes

Plus a “Hyper” sweat band

Plus a black Champion wrist band

Plus your grading

Plus weapons training, Hyper training, a Poomsae competition, a beginner Sparring competition and much more!!!


Cost: $275 all inclusive


*Participants must be current members.

 White to Blue belts only. No red  belts and above.

Limited numbers apply.

Book and Pay Here