Private Taekwondo Lessons

Monday's at 4.30pm

Private lessons are highly specialised with a maximum 2 students per 40 minute session.

Only a 2 minute warm up, no games, just special attention to gain stripes for grading.


Only available to current Taekwondo Members


$35 for one person (per session), $50 for two people (per session), PAID PRIOR (Below Right)


Step 1, Pay for the session PRIOR to attending (right) 

Step 2, Send an equiry directly to the instructor (below)

Step 3, Trainer will confirm with admin time/day of booking

Step 4, Admin will email you with booking confirmation


With the high interest in private lessons for both Yong Muki and Taekwondo, we have now updated our online booking process for Private lessons. 
The new process will make it easier for trainers and families to make great use of private lessons here at the centre. 

Private lesson credits can be bought from the Aspley Martial Arts website at: and must be purchased prior to organising a time with your preferred trainer.
Lesson Credits can be bought in bulk if preferred and can be added to your account to be used for future dates.

Once you have purchased the private lesson credit online, families are then able to organise a time for the private lesson by using the contact boxes under the trainers picture. 

Once confirmed with the trainer, you will receive a confirmation email from admin that the booking has been processed.

If you are unable to make your private lesson, please let the trainer know prior to the session to avoid forfeiting Private Lesson Credits (Non refundable).

Mondays at 4.30pm have been made available for private lessons however other times can be organised if it suits you better. Just bear in mind that organising sessions whilst normal TKD sessions are running may only allow a very limited space to train within.



Private Taekwondo Gradings

As above but you will need to purchase the grading below and also the "special grading" 

Cho Dan Bo and Dan gradings cannot be special gradings

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