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Each session is used as you go. The trainer will mark off your attendance.


Packs are non refundable and will expire 6 months following the purchase date if not all used by that date.


Waiver to participate:

By purchasing any packs and participating in the 10Rounds program, it is a requirement to accept the following terms and conditions of participating in the 10Rounds exercise program:


Sign up waiver:

I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Aspley Martial Arts centre including all programs associated with Aspley Martial Arts, no matter if the programs are run inside the centre or at other locations. This includes Team Taekwondo, Little Martial Arts, Yong Muki, Spartan, 10 Rounds.


I agree that I shall accept the risk of any injury, damage or loss which may be incurred during training sessions or participation in activities inside or away from the premises that are associated with the Aspley Martial Arts and Fitness centre and associated training programs. 

I shall make no claim against Aspley Martial Arts and Fitness Centre including associated programs, it's instructors, trainers, servants or agents in respect of injury, damage or loss which may be incurred.


I give permission for staff to take photos or videos of training sessions and use them for promotional purposes including social media and website publication, except in the express direction not to allow this by giving written notice.


20 Pack Special

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